How will counselling help me?

It can be helpful to talk about things with someone who is trained to listen carefully while you find your own solutions. Sometimes we just need someone who is not connected with our lives, to just listen, to hear us, to hear what we are really saying or feeling. You may have feelings that are difficult to express such as fear, suspicion or jealousy that you need to let out without fear of people you know judging you. Counselling offers that safe supportive environment where you can say what you really feel – you will not be criticised or pressured in any way to do or feel anything. I will work together with you to find solutions that are realistic and workable for you.

How often will I have to come?

Sessions are normally once a week, and last for one hour.

Will anyone need to know that I’m attending?

Counselling is completely confidential.  No one knows that you attend, or what you talk about unless you choose to tell them. There are a couple of exceptions to this in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the NAPCP, which I will explain at our initial meeting.

How many sessions will I need?

This is different for each person – some people may come for only a few sessions, whilst others may attend long term.  We will discuss how you feel you are doing, so that you can decide when it seems the right time to end.